Kyushoku Hiroba: Shiraoi Food Education Disaster Prevention Center in Hokkaido

Original Publication Date: February 14, 2019
Original Publication of Main Source: Kyushoku Hiroba “しらおい食育防災センターを取材しました

In Shiraoi a School Lunch Center has been developed with disaster mitigation in mind. The facility operates as a normal school lunch center, but also has the space and services to stock-pile food for times of disaster. The facilities was supported by a subsidy from the local government and operates according to normal standards set forth by the government, including incorporating the “dry system” of food preparation, subdivision of work rooms, and a special room and assigned staff designated to create meals for those with allergies. In the creation of this facility, Shiraoi Town is tackling two big challenges currently facing the school lunch system - how to efficiently cope with allergies - and how to ensure that during times of disaster lunch centers can be used as resources by the general public.

According to a leaflet on the Shiraoi website, during times of disaster the facilities can provide:

1) A base that can serve as a disaster countermeasures headquarters where the school lunch team can take control of food procurement, cooking, and distribution.

2) A location to stock-pile ingredients.

3) An area to deploy transport vehicles to deliver emergency food to facilities.

4) A location for coordination and organization while awaiting disaster relief.