Star Festival Dinner


In the mood for something summery and celestial? Look no further. 
Tanabata is a summertime festivals which pays tribute to bittersweet star-crossed love between the weaver and the cow herder, represented by the constellations of Vega and Altair respectively. Destined to meet one night a year, these two celestial lovers are reunited and celebrated on the night of Tanabata (July 7) – where it is believed that dreams and wishes come true. Colored paper inscribed with wishes are adorned to a bamboo branch and the night of Tanabata has a certain magical quality of the mysterious and unknown. On the plate, bright vegetablesmirror the colored papers, and the inclusion of noodles and star-shaped okra help to evoke a galactic atmosphere.

Tanabata Soumen
Shrimp-Okra Salad
Chinese Cucumber Quick Pickles