Cooling Evening

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“Refreshing ideas,” is a poor English translation of the word nouryou, and doesn’t do the concept credit. Literally, the word means the act of finding ingenious ways to cool oneself during the unbearable summertime heat. This could include any manner of devices: visiting or residing in the refreshing mountains; promoting the passage of winds via open doors and passageways; using fans; listening to the invigorating tinkling wind bells or running water; visiting rivers and oceans; sleeping outside or on boats; producing chilling goose bumps through fireworks or ghost stories; or eating cooling foods. Our menu below offers a combination of spicy and savory dishes that will produce sweat, thus causing the body to cool down.

“Jaja Noodles”
Summer Mandarin Salad
Satsumaage with Cheese and Mochi
Okra Soup