Seaweed rice


Seaweed is a flavor you get used to – and oftentimes come to miss if it’s not around. You’ll find seaweed and its many varieties as a regular mainstay in school lunch – from salads, to rice, to simmered side dishes. Its savory goodness heightens flavors and provides an interesting contrast in texture and color.


1 cup white short-grain rice
1 or two pieces or dried wakame seaweed (note: do not buy roasted seaweed)
Sesame seeds to garnish


1.       Rinse rice one or two times in cold water, drain, and pour into a rice-cooking vessel.
2.       Add 1 cup cold water. If cooking on the stovetop, bring the rice mixture to a boil, then reduce heat to low. It should take roughly 30 minutes for the rice to cook. Once the bubbles have subsided and the surface of the rice forms a matte finish, do a quick taste test (don’t let too much steam out!) to see if the rice is done. If using a rice cooker, combine ingredients and cook according to the regular cooking time.
3.       While the rice is cooking, reconstitute the dried seaweed. It will soak up water very quickly. Once it seems as though the seaweed has absorbed enough water, chop it into small or medium sized pieces.
4.       Once the rice has finished, add the seaweed and gently combine. Fluff with a spoon or spatula.