Satoimo-Pork Simmer


Nimono often translated to ‘simmered dishes,’ which means a base ingredient simmered stock flavored with sake, soy sauce, and a small amount of some other sweetening. While you can make this recipe with either thinly shredded pork, ground pork is easier to find and slightly easier to prepare. Satoimo, sometimes called taro (although the species are slightly different) is a wonderfully soft and comforting ingredient. The Japanese variety is something like a slightly gelatinous potato and they have an addicting smooth texture. If you can find canned or frozen taro it will save you the bother of having to peel them. If not, simply treat the small roundish tubers as you would a potato: peel and soak in cold water until ready to use. Although the grated ginger is optional in this dish, I highly recommend adding it to brighten the flavors.


½ teaspoon minced ginger (optional)
1 pound ground pork
7 taro peeled and halved (frozen taro/satoimo also works)
1 handful of green beans, chopped into bite-sized pieces
3 tablespoons soy sauce
2-3 tablespoons mirin



1.       In a large, deep frying pan sauté the minced ginger in cooking oil until fragrant.
2.       Add the pork, and while it cooks continue to break the pieces apart with a wooden spoon. Once the meat begins to cook, add the taro and stir to combine. Continue to simmer the mixture until pork is cooked through.
3.       Add 1 cup water, soy sauce and mirin and bring mixture to a gentle boil. Cook until taro is somewhat soft when poked with a fork.
4.       Reduce to a simmer and add the green beans.
5.       Cook until the water has reduced and the meat has absorbed the flavor of the seasonings.
6.       Serve with rice.