This website was developed to serve as a resource for my ongoing research and exploration of food education and school lunch. Much of the information on this website has a focus on Japan and East Asia, which where my knowledge and specialty lives. I wrote my Master’s thesis on school lunch in Japan, and have continued to work on the subject writing articles and working on a documentary film. I’m eager to have a dialogue with other people of the world about food education, and help to serve as a resource for others who are first discovering this topic.


About Me

I’m a Sacramento, California native and now call the Big Apple home. I also happen to love apples, and have a healthy fascination in their breeding and historic origins in Kazakhstan. In addition to my on-going studies of food education, I am also an illustrator, writer, and artist. I received my undergrad and graduate degrees in East Asian/Japanese studies, and am currently working on my Master’s of Public Administration from NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service. If you happen to be in the neighborhood of uptown Manhattan, consider dropping by the Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra some Saturday for a concert. No, I don’t play an instrument, but I am proudly on the board of directors. If you’d like to learn more, check out my personal website.